How to prevent Back Pain

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Our life styles have a big impact on our bodies.

Repetitive movements can result in bad posture and over working particular muscle groups will result in us having regular aches and pains.

For most of your working day are you sat at a computer or behind a desk, stacking shelves, doing manual work, driving a vehicle or using machinery?  If So, these and all repetitive activities will result in muscular tightness and soreness some where on your body.   So how can you prevent Back and neck pain or other areas of pain and stiffness?

The smallest of changes can make the difference.

  1.  Take regular breaks from your usual working routine and do some stretching exercises.  A couple of minutes stretching will help prevent the muscles knotting up and joints feeling tight.  Simple but effective. If you sit down all day you need to get up and move around at regular intervals.
  2. Take regular exercise to keep muscles strong and joints flexible
  3. Maintain a healthy weight, or lose weight
  4. Keep good posture. It is easy to slouch or twist your body especially when seated
  5. Avoid heavy lifting and always bend from the knees, keep back  straight and  head up
  6. Have a regular massage to relax tired, tight muscles, help keep joints flexible and aid a rest full sleep.

You can treat muscle pain (only if no injury or swelling is present) by applying heat  for 20- 30 minutes at regular intervals.  This will gradually help relax the muscles

If you have back pain or any other pain, see your general practitioner if

  1. Pain is the result of a fall or blow
  2. Pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, sweating, weakness
  3. Pain or numbness in legs, feet, groin or rectum
  4. Experiencing unexplained weight loss
  5. Pain is constant or intense or persists for more than 2-3 weeks
  6. Have a history of Osteoporosis or cancer.

Remember simple changes is all you need.




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