Massage Treatments

back massage - deep tissue massage therapy

Massage Treatments

Holistic Body Massage     30 min    £25.00,  60 min    £40.00 ,  75 min    £50

Using variety of techniques to manipulate the tissue increasing oxygen flow and flushing out toxins, leaving you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.  *Ideal for those wanting a gentle relaxing massage.

Deep Tissue Massage    60 min   £40.00

We always start with a gentle body massage and incorporate deeper massage stroke to relieve deep pain and tension. It will include trigger work to help break down adhesions. * Ideal for painful areas of sore overworked muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage   30 min  £25.00,  60 min £40.00

A wonderful massage including tsubo points (pressure points)  to clear blockages in the body’s natural energy flow and pre blended essential oils to enhance the treatment. The essential oils help relieve aching tired muscles, fluid retention, relaxation and anxiety or simply aid a restful sleep. The experienced therapist will recommend the best oil blends for the individuals needs. * Ideal for those wanting a gentle massage

Indian Head Massage     45 min    £35.00 

Sitting comfortably in a chair this treatment concentrates on the upper body, neck and head.  Especially good for facial, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and migraine. Using Monoi de Tahiti oil, light and delicate fragrance of gardenia and coconut oil, especially good on the hair and skin. * This is a gentle massage.  

Hot Stone Massage 30 min  £25.00,   60 min  £40.00

A gentle relaxing massage incorporating hot basalt stones to penetrate heat deep into the tissue and muscles relieving tension and pain. * This versatile treatment can be pure indulgence for deep relaxation to sooth the body and mind or can help those looking for pain relief but do not like deep tissue massage.  The heat and pressure is gentle but works deeply into the tissue.

Holistic Fusion Massage – Remedial Massage   60 min  £40.00

When you need that little extra help. This completely holistic remedial body work approach combines a variety of techniques to create the most effective treatment. Along with remedial and clinical massage this treatment is aimed at assisting the healing process and muscle inbalance. Treatment programs of 3 – 6 treatments are usually enough to see great results, especially when you have been suffering from muscular pains, spasms and twinges for some time. Treatment will include some or all of the following :  Myofascial release, Body massage, deep tissue, trigger points, heat bags, hot stones, cold stones and stretching.

Thai Foot Massage –  60 min  £40.00

A gentle relaxing treatment using a fusion of Thai foot massage, reflex points and western massage techniques to free the energy flow to improve general health and wellbeing.

Myofascial Release Massage    60 min £40.00

A Slow powerful technique which works on stretching and releasing tension within the fascia of the body. Freeing the soft tissue which has been restricted. Allowing muscles to relax and work to their full potential. Light effleurage strokes to help flush out impurities and lubricate the soft tissue with fresh oxygen and nutrients. * A slow gentle treatment for those who would benefit from tension release in the fascia tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage    30 min   £25.00,   60 min   £40.00

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic treatment using light gentle rythemic strokes to increase the flow of lymph, reducing toxins in the body. * It is helpful to those seeking the lightest of touch, a light gentle massage to simply stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage toxin release.

LDM helps to relieve  water retention/ puffiness in legs and feet.                                                                                              

All sessions start with a consultation. So you know what to expect, this will include questions on your health and lifestyle followed by details on the massage treatment and how it may be adapted to suit your particular needs.

Please note: Massage treatment is generally considered to be very safe, however If there are any medical conditions present, the client may need to contact their Doctor to obtain written approval before massage treatment can take place.

Complementary therapies are not a replacement from conventional medicine. Always seek your GP’s advice if you have any illness that requires medical attention/treatment.