Massage is a luxury… right?

I used to think that way too

“Massage is a luxury”.  This is a comment that I hear often. I have to be honest, I used to think that way too. I didn’t believe massage had any real benefits.

My view on massage changed a while ago now. I was having a discussion with a friend about massage, whilst we relaxed in a good old english pub. He is an advocate of massage and couldn’t praise it enough. I on the other hand, struggled to follow why he had such a passion. I really couldn’t see the point of it.

My friend was surprised I had never had a massage and was trying to convince me to try it. I felt pretty confident when I said “I have lived for 39 years without a massage and have been fine. I am sure I will be ok to continue my life without it”.

I explained to him, that I had been a dancer for over 20 years. Not once did my tutors recommend a massage. Any pain or injury in those days was treated with a hot bath or bag of frozen peas. My friend was convinced I would think differently, if I was just willing to give it a try.  “Right that’s it” he said. “Your birthday is coming up and I will treat you to a massage.”

I thought he would forget, but true to his word I was booked in with a Therapist for a full body massage.

Never having had a massage before, I was a little nervous and found it hard to relax. However, upon leaving I did feel a little different, difficult to explain how exactly, I just felt a little relaxed and a bit light headed. My friend had talked so highly of it, I expected to experience a real ‘wow!’ moment, but that didn’t happen for me.

Later that night in bed, when all was quiet I still had the relaxed feeling, it hadn’t worn off at all. It had actually amplified in effect once I was in the comfort of my home. I became so relaxed; I just melted into the pillows. I fell asleep quickly and after having the best night sleep, I woke feeling totally refreshed!

I remember laying there for a moment, just appreciating how wonderful my body felt. When I eventually stood up my ankles didn’t feel stiff. In fact all my joints felt freer, like they had been lubricated and the flexibility in my joints had also improved.  I stood in my bedroom and began testing it out by bending my knees, stretching my feet, moving my arms, rolling my head and there was no creaking or stiffness anywhere!

Wow! I felt amazing from top to toe … I was so pleased with the results … How could a massage do so much good?

From that moment I truly understood what my friend had been trying to tell me and why he was so passionate about the benefits.

Now fully qualified, I understand how massage works and the benefits of massage therapy. It really does aide recovery, and when used regularly will help prevent injury and allow the body to work more efficiently. It is not just for the sporty and top athletes.

It is essential, holistic care for everyone.

The wear and tear of everyday living can cause muscular problems. Do you sit at a desk all day? Or forever bending and lifting items? Even a long day of housework can leave your body feeling weary and unloved. You wouldn’t be the first person not to notice the gradual stiffness and aches creeping in – I certainly didn’t!

I will share more of my experiences with you, further explaining how the magic works. But just for the moment consider this …

It’s common knowledge that if you don’t change the oil and plugs in your car, it can cause engine problems. Nasty contaminants such as grit and metal shavings build up in the oil which turns it into sludge, making the engine work far less efficiently. Your body is the same!

You need to service your body regularly to keep it lubricated, to free the muscle fibres and fascia so that your joints have better flexibility, your chances of injury reduce and overall your body can work more efficiently.

I wish I had known the benefits 30 years ago, especially when I was a dancer. Many of my injuries were caused by muscle fatigue and could have been prevented. They certainly would have recovered faster with the aid of massage and I certainly wouldn’t just rely on a hot bath or bag of frozen peas.

So if you have aches and pains go for a massage and get that body serviced, it’s telling you that you need it.

Even if you are feeling fine … why not go for a massage? You will be pleasantly surprised how good you feel afterwards and it will keep that internal engine ticking over nicely.



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