Manicures and Pedicures

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Hand and Feet Therapy Treatments

The combination of award winning products and professional treatments will leave your hands and feet looking and feeling great. Regular treatments will keep your hands and feet healthy.

Benefits include:

  • Stronger, healthier nails
  • Skin look and feel better
  • Massage increases blood circulation, aids cell renewal, tones and improves skin condition
  • Damaged, fragile nail tips and splits can be prevented
  • Hard skin and hangnails are removed

Essential Essence Hand Therapy 45-60 min  £25.00

File, soak, cuticle work, buff, hand and lower arm massage, exfoliation/peel mask, finishing with a nourishing  hand cream and nail treatment balm/oil.

Essential Essence Foot Therapy 45-60 min  £25.00 

File, foot bath, cuticle work, buff, lower leg and foot massage, foot scrub, finishing with a nourishing foot and nail oil/cream.

Every session begins with a consultation.

Please note: I only work with natural nails, not artificial nails.