face massage


We believe in non invasive skin care which delivers great results that clients can easily maintain in their own homes. 

Our facials have been specifically created to complement our massage treatments and these winning combinations will not only enhance your natural beauty, they are designed to promote relaxation and well being.

Pure Essence Hot and Cold Stone Detox Massaging Facial – no mask    £40.00

Deep Cleansing, Detox, Toning

This wonderful relaxing treatment focuses on the holistic upper body massage.   We start with a deep double cleanse and gentle exfoliation to prepare the skin for the wonderful Hot stone and gentle Lymphatic Drainage Massage flushes out toxins, helps reduce puffiness and tones the skin. The massage includes head, face, neck, decollete and shoulders. finish with a toner and moisturiser.  You will be relaxed, glowing and a complete sense of well-being.

Express Facial with Skin Refining Enzyme Mask    £25.00

Deep Cleansing, Refining, Anti Ageing

When your skin is feeling dull congested and tired, this quick pick me up is just what you need for your skin to feel clearer and more refined. This gentle peel treatment contains papaya and pineapple to smooth and clarify the complexion. Milk protein, vitamin E and marine algae to repair the skin.  Suitable for all skin types, gentle enough for sensitive and mature skins.

Sheer Essence Double Treatment Facial  £45.00

Our two mask system will thoroughly cleanse and treat your skin.

  1. we start with a deep double cleanse. removing all pollution and impurities
  2. The skin is now ready for our gentle AHA / Fruit enzyme exfoliating peel mask. This will help to relieve congestion,  refine the pores and improve skin texture.
  3. The freshly exfoliated skin is now ready for our second  treatment masks which will be chosen to suit your skin concerns.
  4. Finally to lock in hydration we finish with an aromatherapy facial oil, gel or cream suited to your skin type


Deep Cleansing  Mask –  Balancing and calming on the skin while drawing out impurities. containing naturally active ingredients manuka honey, propolis and aloe vera.   Perfect for oily/combination skin

Intensive Nourishing Mask –  Enriched with shea and borage seed oil to nourish and hydrate dry skin and comfrey to comfort stressed skin.  A wonderful treatment suitable for all skin types.

Lavender Repair Mask – Containing pure Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme, to sooth, care and rebalance the skin.  Ideal for all skin types, especially dull or congested complexions

All Facials include collagen eye mask or eye brightening treatment.